Here’s your Bonus I promised!

Hi again,

At the end of this email you'll find a link to the bonus I mentioned in "Awesome Tone Is Literally At Your Fingertips". But first, I want to tell you about how I discovered this easy trick to help you to find your natural hand position.

As a guitar instructor, what I see most often, whether a beginner or an old pro, is players struggling to get their fingers in the position they need to easily fret a note with good tone and minimal effort. Nothing I could teach them would matter much if they couldn’t get their fingers to cooperate. 

One day I hit on the perfect solution that combined them all into the simplest thing possible.

 A few years ago I found myself teaching a class of a dozen eight-year-old beginners. On the first day I told and showed the kids how to place their fingertips in the guitar strings. Well, that was a mess, my friend. Then a girl said “look!” and showed me the line that the string had made in her fingertip.


I went around the room poking the pick into their fingers and in 10 minutes those 3rd graders had better form than most adults!

I tried it with an adult who had been playing for years but couldn’t play fast and he immediately began playing what he couldn’t play before, quickly, smoothly - and with an awesome tone!

Now, when someone walks into my studio for the first time, the Skeleton Key is the first piece of technique I give them and they just leap over all sorts of problems! I find myself saying:

“I can’t tell you how many years of struggle you will never have to go through because of this little exercise.”

It even fixed the bad habits experienced players had learned online or from other teachers. A lot of teachers don’t really know all the reasons we need to play on our fingertips so they don’t know how to fix those problems and let bad habits go unnoticed. That means lots of players end up thinking they have everything correct (or at least good enough!) but still can’t play the way they want to.

They get really discouraged, thinking that they're not talented and will never play the way they want to.

The Skeleton Key just resets everything. Fresh start based on your own hand.


So if you’ve been frustrated with your fingers like this, don’t worry. I’ve been there myself and I’ve helped hundreds of guitarists get a good start and get an easy restart. It’s laid out in "Awesome Tone Is Literally At Your Fingertips".

Follow that exercise and you’ll only have one problem….

Hiding your smile when bandmates, friends, and audiences hear your new sound and say “Wow! You sound amazing! How did you get so good all of a sudden?”

Here's your Bonus video on going further with your Skeleton Key


P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll share the story of how Matt, a self-confessed clunk master, had to go through the “Awesome Tone Is Literally At Your Fingertips”  three times to get it … and still cleaned up his playing enough to get into a band in just one week.

See you tomorrow…