One of the leading causes of death in guitarists is…

Some say heart disease, but I think the data shows otherwise.
We're always told "Practice, practice, practice" right? Why? Because it’s true.
If you’re not really sure what the deeper experience of the lesson is it can be a road to wasted time and boredom.
To get the most from the exercise you need to know what its purpose is, what it's setting you up to discover.
Otherwise, you'll just struggle and never get that "click" when everything falls into place and feels simple.
And while waiting for that to happen…
you'll probably get really bored. 
There’s still the risk of getting really bored if you view it as a test.
Simply memorizing the exercise to repeat it without error will always be high stakes because it becomes a test that you can only pass or fail. To really become a musician you have to get a feel for it. 

The way to do that is by getting to know yourself through the process, how your body and mind relates to it.
Approaching the exercise as a way to learn about your hand, your hearing, yourself, you'll never get bored. It becomes fascinating.
This is the reason I created the Skeleton Key exercise.
On page 8 of  ”Awesome Tone Is Literally At Your Fingertips” you’ll see the deeper level of the practice. 
You’re not only putting your fingers down in their most efficient position, you’re also training yourself to play by feel.
You’ll start to notice an ease in the way your playing feels because it’s in its most natural position. You'll hear a rich and round tone because the bone in your finger is holding the string securely.
That sounds good. That feels good. 
That’s not boring.
Skip right past the boring with Playing By Feel With Your Skeleton Key exercise on page 8 of the pdf here.
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